COEUR DE LION is a leading manufacturer of handcrafted designer jewellery from Germany. The brand has been managed by its founders, Carola and Nils Eckrodt, since 1987. COEUR DE LION has won the ‘German Design Award’ and was named ‘Jewellery Brand of the Year’ in the UK.

The multi-award-winning jewellery created by head designer Carola Eckrodt is hallmarked by its clear shapes and exceptionally sensitive use of colour. It is this combination of graphic consistency and a vivid love of colour which make COEUR DE LION jewellery both unmistakable and utterly timeless.

COEUR DE LION uses nothing but premium materials such as 316L stainless steel, metal mesh and genuine stones. For crystal glass, we use the unique array of crystals produced by SWAROVSKI, which play a key role in Carola Eckrodt’s collections as part of her overall design concept.

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