Nic & Syd

Nic & Syd brings a whole new meaning to affordable luxury to both our corporate and retail customers. As a global branding partner of Swarovski, every item is of the utmost quality, with a price tag that will make you smile.

Nic & SydOur vision for Nic & Syd began over 20 years ago, when we were asked to make custom jewelry for a client. It was very well received, but with a critical eye for quality, we wanted more: we wanted exceptional. So we set about seeking out the best materials in the world—which is how our partnership with Swarovski began.

We also believe we’re here to make a difference. The same attention we give to each jewelry design we give to charity and causes that matter to you. It enables us to affordably design and manufacture items that you can leverage in your fund-raising efforts.

The fresh and innovative Nic & Syd collection offers designs intended to spark your passion for expression and beauty. But don’t take our word for it—go see for yourself

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