You heard it here first, a revolution in an ornament: it’s called “Auditive Jewelry”—hearing aids that are as beautiful and decorative as they are functional. It’s such a stunning idea that it immediately won over the jury for the Hyères Festival Swarovski Fashion Accessories Prize 2018.

H[earring] · Auditive Jewelry collection by Kate Fishard, Flora Fixy and Julia Desqsirier

Named H[earring], the Auditive Jewelry collection was born out of a collaboration between hearing-impaired photographer Kate Fichard, and designers Flora Fixy and Julia Dessirier. Jury President Christelle Kocher, artistic director of Maison Lemarié and founder of Koché, was particularly impressed by how the innovative trio had transformed the useful but unattractive medical appliance into an object of desire.

Left Kate Fishard, Flora Fixy and Julia Desqsirier, Portrait by Adrien Pelletier · Right H[earring] – Auditive Jewelry collection - Lothaire Hucki ©

While the curves of the ear determine the basis of the design (the tech is incorporated into a curved case), there is the opportunity to freely experiment with decorative extensions and embellishments around, above, beneath, or in front of the ear. “The aid is emphasized, extended, thickened, exaggerated—it shines and becomes remarkable,” explained the winning trio. From subtle to ornate, there’s a piece to suit every taste—we adore the white and yellow gold bangle adorned with crystals, pearls and little colored, polished, glass shells.

As the winners of the second edition of the Grand Prix du Jury Accessoires de Mode Swarovski, Fichard, Fixy and Dessirier were rewarded with €15,000 from Swarovski. They also get the opportunity to work on a project with Chanel’s Maisons d’Art up to the value of €15,000. We are very excited to see what other new ground they will break.

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The Hyères Festival is the world’s oldest and most important festival for emerging creative talent. The jury panel for the
Festival Swarovski Fashion Accessories Prize 2018 included: Leaf Greener, Michèle Lamy, Nicole Phelps, Hirofumi Kurino, Mansur Gavriel and Floriana Gavriel, Brune de Margerie, Elie Top, Charlotte Stockdale, Bernard Frize and Marina Chedel.