A Fairytale Come True: Origami Owl

She Dreamt of a Car and Ended up with a Hugely Popular Jewelry Brand. Meet Origami Owl Founder Bella Weems and Her Mom (and CEO) Chrissy Weems at the Origami Owl Convention.

Origami Owl is among the most engaging jewelry brands you’ll ever find, because it’s a success story with a fairytale outcome – a brilliant business idea that grew from the jewelry-making talents of a teenager named Bella. O2 (as it’s also known) celebrated another amazing year with an inspirational gathering in Savannah, Georgia, attended by 2,000 delegates from all over the US and Canada.

Origami Owl and Swarovski crystalsFew direct-selling companies have seen the stellar success of Arizona-based Origami Owl. The story of its founding is the stuff of folklore. Two years before her 16th birthday, Bella Weems dreamt of owning a car – a white Jeep Wrangler. Like all sensible parents, Bella’s mom Chrissy told her to go earn one. And so she did. Combining $350 babysitting savings with an equal sum from her parents, she parlayed her passion for jewelry into a thriving business. Not only did she get her car, she got a whole company! Nearly nine years later, Origami Owl employs 300 and has 55,000 independent sales consultants (aka “designers”) who help consumers tell their stories through their jewelry.

Origami Owl and Swarovski crystalsFast-forward to July 25–27, 2019, and the company’s 2019 sales convention in Savannah, Georgia, attended by more than 2,000 designers from all over the US and Canada. The fun extended to include a Swarovski crystal booth so popular that at one point there was a wait tine of two hours to get inside!

To support an event of this importance, all the key players were present: Bella and her mother Chrissy Weems were joined by Markus Langes-Swarovski (Swarovski Chairman of the Board) and Taro Nordheider (CEO of Swarovski Professional). They provided an entertaining and creative reveal of the season’s latest crystal innovations, along with a film and travelers’ tales from the Weems team’s visit to Swarovski’s futuristic HQ, Manufaktur, in picturesque Wattens, Austria.

Origami Owl and Swarovski crystalsBut the biggest surprise came when Markus Langes-Swarovski invited Origami Owl’s ten top designers to visit the brand’s Austrian headquarters in 2020. These lucky winners will enjoy a “Diamond Parliament Trip”: a tour of the Swarovski factory at Manufaktur, as well as the mesmerizing artistic installations at Swarovski Crystal Worlds, and of course Austria’s beautiful alpine scenery. They rounded off the fun with a gift of new Swarovski Butterfly crystal charms for Chrissy and Bella – and then promptly announced to the delegates that there was one for everyone in the audience!

Origami Owl and Swarovski crystalsDuring the three-day event, inspirational stories and messages were shared, but perhaps the most memorable quote came from Bella herself when she revealed her new favorite motto: “Breathing dreams like air,” to remind everyone in the room to never stop believing in their dreams.