A Standing Ovation for Dress4Dance!

Dress4Dance Wins the Designer Elite 2019 Couture Ballroom Design Competition 

Congratulations Bella Kogan, the design talent behind the Dress4Dance label! After making it to the final five of The Designer Elite ballroom design competition, in the end it was Dress4Dance’s stunning creation that had everything the judges were looking for: sparkling creativity, couture technique and, of course, the ultimate wow factor.

The Designer Elite 2019 Winner: Dress4DanceOn May 4th, at this year’s Emerald Ball in Los Angeles, Swarovski Professional announced the winner of its first annual “Designer Elite” competition, “Dress4Dance”. Swarovski initiated The Designer Elite showcase to support and promote creativity and couture skills in the ballroom dance industry. In its first inaugural year, Swarovski inducted the competition winner into an exclusive group of ballroom designers and dressmakers. To be a member of The Designer Elite is a mark of distinction in ballroom dancewear.

Dress4Dance designer Bella Kogan spoke about the importance of recognition: “Being chosen means that your voice has been heard, and it’s an opportunity to spread the joy of this beautiful art form.” We couldn’t agree with her more. Based on recent ballroom designs they submitted, five finalists were selected, each receiving crystals of their choice worth $500 to put toward a showpiece. The imaginative approach displayed by Bella Kogan’s creation, Elements, reigned supreme: “We decided to take a contemporary approach and create our gown in an abstract style,” she explained, “to reflect the maelstrom of modern life. Both nature and abstract art were inspirations.”

Thousands of Swarovski crystal flatbacks were applied to enhance the dynamic shapes created with velvet, ribbon, Venice lace and Spandex. “I can make any design and any picture on the dress using Swarovski Flat Backs,” she says. “They’re easy to work with and they come in so many colors.” Among the shades used to achieve that golden-copper brilliance were Citrine, Crystal Copper, Sunflower, Topaz and Red Magma. Sew-on Stones in Jet, Golden Shadow and Silver Night were also deployed in Bella Kogan’s quest for the spotlight, along with Crystal Pearls, Beads and Crystal Fabric.

Dress4Dance’s motto challenges dancers to “escape the ordinary”. We believe the winning ballroom gown does exactly that. Bravissima!