Art Dimitriadis at the MBFWM

As its name suggest, the Art Wear Dimitriadis jewels are art. We were lucky with their attendance at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid, with its necklaces, earrings, bracelets…
Many of its designs are super colorful and with an ethnic style very own to wear in spring and summer. The red, blue and ocher blend with a unique style.

dimitriadisIn addition to the Swarovski crystals, the Dimitriadis´ family also uses feathers, leather, tassels and different materials to create very original jewels. Its African style necklaces are perfect with jeans and a white or black shirt, if we add a Dimitriadis to an outfit so simple we transform it completely. With these accessories it is very easy to illuminate any garment.

Art Wear Dimitriadis 2
Dimitriadis has a section on its special for brides in its website, all these jewels embellished with Swarovski Crystals. Many of these special designs are a Greek style, precious for a dress of a goddess. There are also precious hair accessories with a original style! If you are going to give the “yes yes” soon, or just want to highlight a look, these proposals are incredible.

Art Wear Dimitriadis has its store in Athens, but they also have an online store and shows their jewelry at worldwide exhibitions through the Swarovski brand.

Art Wear Dimitriadis