Australian Cult Fashion Label Aja Redefines Cool

Australian Cult Fashion Label Aja

For serious attitude, we must look to the Antipodes: Aja has just launched its latest Resort 2017/18 Awelye collection. What makes this clever cult brand stand out is the blend of tough and feminine, urban and coastal, inspired by the rugged beauty of the Australian landscape and the cool vibe of its cities. Now it has introduced a little crystal magic from Swarovski into its latest collection, thanks to a collaboration that started last year.

It was in Paris at a photoshoot for Swarovski’s Fine Florals campaign that Aja and Swarovski first met. Each was struck by the other’s values, which proved to be a perfect mirror of their own. Authenticity, for instance, in terms of craftsmanship and organic beauty, is fundamentally important for both brands. For Aja, this philosophy is expressed in using fabrics that are hand-loomed, embellishment that is hand-sewn, and prints that are hand-painted.

The duo who brought these ideals to life come from different creative disciplines: Adrian Norris is a graduate of the Venice’s prestigious art school, Liceo Artistico Venezia, while Edwina Robinson’s creativity was honed during a career at Australia’s leading fashion magazine, RUSSH. They launched their brainchild in 2008, with heartwarming success: now, Aja is red hot—not just in the label’s native Australia, but elsewhere, too. Just look at who’s wearing it—Kate Moss, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Beyoncé, and Kylie Minogue; and international influencers such as Margaret Zhang, Martha Hunt, Bambi Northwood-Blyth, and Isabelle Cornish. And those A-listers are only a few of them.

For their Resort 2017/18 Awelye collection, introduced to the world at a runway show on May 1 at Sydney’s trendy Art Gallery of NSW, they have used Swarovski crystals on three looks: an intricately crystallized gown; the signature Aja tee with a Swarovski embellished logo; and a crystallized bandeau all sparkled with crystalline magic. The applications are unique, inspired by the Australian outback and by the work of the country’s iconic indigenous artist, Minnie Pwerle, who based her artworks on the body-paint designs used in important Aboriginal women’s ceremonies. This year, Aja is expanding into the global wholesale market, so keep your eyes open and grab the chance to own a garment or two that says glamour, luxury, toughness, independence, and cool, laced with a hefty dose of attitude.