Backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Show

The countdown to the catwalk begins with some heavenly prep

Forget everything you ever imagined an Angel’s makeup might include—fake lashes, zealous application of bronzer, and deep contouring are all out. It’s actually fresh, dewy and natural, thanks to makeup artist Dick Page’s vision on how best to complement this year’s themes. For 2015, he and his team have avoided artifice in favor of more natural looks. Voilà! A constellation of healthy Angels!

The mood is buzzing as anticipation mounts. Camera crews lean in to catch the best pre-runway shots of the world’s most beautiful women. Wrapped in signature candy-stripe robes, they are being made up and dressed by an army of makeup artists and stylists in readiness for the biggest, most dazzling event of the year. Excited to be among the select few, chosen from countless applicants who auditioned for the honor, the models constantly break out to take selfies with each other. It’s a moment to remember. 

Supernatural beauty was the order of the day backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year. That means natural beauty for us mere mortals not blessed with the perfect body, face and hair of a supermodel. Top make-up artist Dick Page used minimal products to highlight just how flawless the Victoria’s Secret Angels are. Their fresh ‘bombshell’ glow comes from Kryolan’s jugendrot (German for ‘Youth Red’) blush buffed into the cheeks. The wide-eyed gaze is achieved with only the thinnest line of black, plus a touch of mascara, with the dewiness courtesy of iridescent gold-violet highlighter applied at the inner corners to make the eyes pop. Perfectly plump lips are kept moist—not over-glossed—with a warm blend of Kryolan’s matte mauve rose tint layered with Victoria’s Secret color shine gloss in Charmed. As for hair, the famed ‘beach waves’ are back, celebrating shine and sensuous texture. These are beauty tips that we can all learn from. Time to hit that runway blazing…