Bags of Style!

Get Ready to Lust after Cango&Rinaldi’s Latest Bag Collection: Encrusted with Swarovski Crystals, these are the Last Word in Jaw-dropping Style.If you thought you had already assembled the perfect bag collection for all occasions, just wait till you see the latest limited edition collection from Cango&Rinaldi. Breathtakingly beautiful, handcrafted from the finest materials, and encrusted with shimmering crystals from Swarovski—once seen, never forgotten. Warning: you will want one…

Take Tamás Csángó’s century-old family legacy of Hungarian craftsmanship and combine it with Antonio Rinaldi’s Italian obsession with quality, and what you get is Cango&Rinaldi, synonymous with some of the finest handbags and shoes we’ve seen. Everyone knows that a bag can have a transformative effect—the right one can make you feel playful, sophisticated, serious, glamorous, sexy, or a few of those adjectives all at once! What’s more, it will lift even the most basic outfit into a different stratosphere.

We’re in luck, then, because Cango&Rinaldi has brought out a very special limited edition bag collection that’s encrusted with around 1,400 Swarovski crystals on custom-made transfer motifs that were designed by Tamás Csángó himself. The bags were unveiled at Doras, the irresistible store in downtown Budapest that is Cango&Rinaldi’s official distribution partner, at an event that glittered with VIPs and celebrities. Guests were bowled over by the sheer wow factor, dialed up to the max with displays such as the bespoke glass case that showed off the collection’s statement piece: encrusted with dazzling Swarovski crystals and bathed in sparkling light, the bag appeared to float hypnotically, suspended in mid-air inside a display case.

Guests included Timea Gelencser (Miss World Hungary 2016) and Patricia Galambos (Miss World Hungary 2018). Also present were influencers such as Edina Kulcsár, Mazsi Renáta, Kata Baranyai, Enikő Tóth, and Sydney van den Bosch. Attendees were treated to a Crystalpixie manicure by an expert nail artist especially in attendance to complete the guests’ crystal experience.

We defy anyone to look and not lust after owning one of Cango&Rinaldi’s new knockout bags.

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