CND and Swarovski at Premiere Orlando

As the leading professionals-only beauty trade fair, Premiere Orlando is the hub for all the latest developments in looking fabulous. This year’s show from June 2–4 dazzled even more brightly as Swarovski partnered with CND (Creative Nail Design) to present a nail art wonderland in the beauty giant’s Shellac Luxe Lounge. The event included workshops led by British nail art doyenne Marian Newman, featuring Swarovski’s sensational nail art products, Crystalpixie Petite and the new Crystalpixie Bubble.

It was a natural partnership, given that CND and Swarovski are both sponsors of America’s Top Nail Artist competition, whose winner is announced at the start of the fair. Visitors to the CND Lounge —created for them by Social House—were treated to an immersive five-room experience, which took them through the process of using its brilliant new Shellac Luxe Gel (launching July 2018). On entry, the Color Matching room provided a vibrant welcome, with walls and ceiling entirely smothered in bright pink and red balloons. Next came the Precision Room, its geometrically gridded walls reflecting the latest super-precise nail-polish brush that meticulously follows the contours of the nail. The Solar Room was decorated using shiny golden bubbles and beanbags to represent CND’s unique cuticle-conditioning product. The darkness of the UV Lamp Room was lifted with dazzling, angular shafts of ultra-violet light, while a room decorated with pastiche dollar bills and 60-second cuckoo clocks deservedly got a lot of attention. It served to illustrate one of the best things about Shellac Luxe: it comes off in 60 seconds flat—or less!

The final room felt like reaching the end of a magical journey and arriving at a fairy grotto. Called the “Swarovski Embellishment Room,” it celebrated the sparkling beauty of crystallized nails. Crystal Ninja had created a wonder-wall of crystal in a light-hearted tribute to the Oscars’ stage set, while a Swarovski chandelier dropped from the ceiling like a spectacular meteor shower. Standout runway nail designs by Marian Newman were a major highlight, and it was a real treat to have the legendary nail artist there in person, teaching people how to design and apply looks using Crystalpixie Petite and new Crystalpixie Bubble.

Fortunately, a limited-edition kit that featured CND’s five new colors, together with the Shellac Luxe topcoat and a 5-gram bottle of Crystalpixie Mood, were available for sale. Premiere Orlando attendees must have had a lot of fun later, experimenting with sensational new nail looks inspired by Ms Newman.