Deliciously Decadent

Jimmy Choo invites Paris Haute Couture to a visual feast

For those of you who prefer your fashion à la carte, the inimitable Sandra Choi, Creative Director of Jimmy Choo, has designed the perfect menu: The new Cruise Capsule Collection for 2017 features a tempting range of decorative crystal jewels with which to customize a capsule suite of shoes and bags. There are floral and vintage star-inspired button charms to choose from; plus pearl, diamanté and fur pompom brooches; and even an ornate crystal strap detail that resembles a necklace decorating the ankle.

The idea for the collection was to recreate the feeling of a child’s delight experiencing the irresistible delights on offer in a pick-‘n’-mix sweet shop. To set the scene, Sandra Choi unveiled the collection in Paris during the Haute Couture shows in July with a display that took the form of a spectacular crystal banquet. Sparkling treats were laid out in glorious profusion across the banqueting table, including goblets and flutes filled with crystals, gleaming seafood platters, faux glistening turkeys, artificial fruit and imitation macaroons in mouth-watering jewel colors, all encrusted with shimmering Swarovski crystals. At each setting was a charger plate bearing a shoe or a clutch including the aptly named CANDY clutch featuring bon mots such as ‘I WANT CHOO’, ‘ONLY CHOO’ and ‘CHOOs ME’. Delicious! Please may we have second helpings?