Follow that Swarovski Star!

Midtown Manhattan has a stunning new crown jewel: a huge crystal-filled Swarovski Star. Designed by renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, it radiates from the top of the legendary Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center.

“The Star is inspired by starlight, and represents our greatest ambitions for hope, unity and peace,” says architect Daniel Libeskind of his Swarovski Star design for the Christmas tree at New York’s Rockefeller Center. He’s the visionary behind some of today’s most incredible building projects, including the reconstruction of the World Trade Center site.

It’s the first new design since 2004, when Swarovski began its partnership with Rockefeller Center to create a festive star. Weighing 900 pounds, with a diameter of nearly 9.5 feet, the Swarovski Star consists of 70 dramatic architectural spikes filled with three million Swarovski crystals, which explode outwards appearing to push through space. An exact replica is on display at ground level next to the crystallized pop-up Star Boutique (also designed by Daniel Libeskind), allowing visitors to explore the design close-up. Inside the boutique, holiday ornaments, jewelry and gift items from Swarovski and Atelier Swarovski are all available to purchase, plus an exclusive range of crystal ornaments designed by Daniel Libeskind for Atelier Swarovski Home.

Libeskind’s jaw-dropping Swarovski Star was ceremoniously raised atop the 72-foot Norwegian spruce on Rockefeller Plaza on November 14, and will be officially lit on November 28, watched by crowds thronging the sidewalk and millions more watching via the live broadcast.