Get Your Sparkle on with ZumbaWear!

Less of a convention and more like a party, the 6,000 high-energy ZIN™ members who attended this year’s Zumba Instructor Convention (ZINcon) danced their hearts out, picking up creative ideas and choreography tips to bring the heat to their classes.

Since 2008, ZIN™ members from around the globe have traveled to Orlando, Florida, to connect with thousands of fellow certified instructors at the ZIN™ Convention. This year, more than 6,000 came from 99 countries, and from July 26–29 enjoyed high-octane days packed with education, networking and fun. Not to mention the chance to bag the latest products and Zumba®Wear at ZINcon-only prices.

If you’ve somehow missed the Zumba craze, it’s a joyous mix of dance styles, and an amazing way to keep limber while having huge, endorphin-raising fun while you’re doing it. A splash of salsa with a dash of soul, a bit of rumba with a hit of rock ‘n’ roll.

Swarovski’s spectacular booth proved a huge hit, its dialed-up sparkle a natural fit for the zingy Zumba crowd. Nineteen different types of Zumba apparel were showcased, all crystallized special for the event, with thousands of items sold. Also selling in the thousands were dazzling pieces from a new jewelry collection featuring 8 designs. These designs were made exclusively with premium crystals from Swarovski.

So pay attention to what your Zumba instructor is wearing at your next class, because there’s a good chance they’ll be sparkling with Swarovski!

Keep your eye out for future collaborations coming soon with Zumba and Swarovski crystals here.