Haute Couture Goes Ethereal

Atelier Versace Fall/Winter 2015

Donatella Versace opened Paris Fall/Winter 2015 Haute Couture week, taking her show to the next level. Rosie Huntington Whiteley graced the front row in an elegant slashed black gown, which gave a hint of what was to come. On the catwalk, ethereal creations were worn by some of the world’s most powerful supermodels, who made the event extraordinary and spectacular.

Karlie Kloss sashayed along the catwalk in glam-rock platforms with a dainty floral headband framing her flowing tresses. It color-matched the creamy lilac diaphanous silk gown billowing around her body, showing off the collection’s signature artfully frayed edges. The bodice fanned out in sections that joined up in a twisted halter-neck, beautifully outlined in Swarovski crystals. Joan Smalls also looked regal in a sheer gown with contrasting oversize black crystal detailing. 

Ms. Versace then moved on from delicately pretty ‘almost there’ shades into a headier, darker section. Body-hugging slip-dresses in deep plum were etched with elegant devoré patterns on velvet, incorporating sheer patches that gave an antique feel. Jamie Bouchert’s long-sleeved, cut-to-the-navel gown, with its extraordinary swirls of velvet, extravagantly frayed edges and crystal embellishment, had a casual, naughty appeal. There were also some typically glamorous Versace touches: one bias-cut orange and electric blue gown had an cowl-neck front with a bondage-style black lattice bodice, while a daring black strapless mini cocktail dress was constructed entirely from lattice work shot through with crystals—paired with platform sandals and a trailing silk scarf, it was the epitome of elegance. Meanwhile, color-popping mini dresses with spider’s web crystals and dainty red-and-black floral embroidery were combined with kinky knee-high patent boots.


Pictures courtesy Versace