High-Tech Meets High Fashion in The Newest “Smart” Jewelry

If you want to really get with the pace, look no further than an award-winning “smart” jewelry brand that’s back in the spotlight with a new range launching on July 14 in Beijing: Love Bloom.

Totwoo (pronounced “To-two-o”) is a name that perfectly reflects the aim of its founders, Wang Jieming and Marco Dal Maso: to connect people using wearable tech. Combining cutting-edge interactive technology with the ancient craft of making jewelry, it’s a jaw-dropping example of Chinese technological ingenuity-meets-Italian design innovation.

Introducing a fresh dynamic to the industry with its concept of “jewelry with a beating heart,” the latest Love Bloom collection is an aspiring story for women, speaking directly to them and urging them to care for themselves. Inspired by the idea of a protective guardian angel, this stunning piece of statement jewelry is made from 18-karat gold-plated sterling silver, and consists of a pendant fashioned from eight drop-shaped Swarovski crystals with a central gold-foil flower. But it hides a secret: underneath lies Totwoo’s newest touch-sensitive smart-core technology, which purrs with power, bringing the pendant to life with a range of functions designed to help us get organized.

The 13 self-care features for which it’s famous include four new ones: reminders about menstruation and hydration; a hands-free smart camera that’s triggered by tapping the pendant twice; and a custom reminder that allows you to set personal prompts.

Of course, as with Totwoo’s previous collection, Love Bloom wearers can also avail themselves of a Daily Horoscope, a Love Message, Fitness Reminder (a tap or shake activates the circuitry to work as a pedometer or calorie counter), Call Notification, and more. But, in the words of Wang Jieming, “Smart jewelry should not work purely as a high-tech gadget or a fitness tracker, but also as an aesthetic way to create emotional connections.” This is brought to life via Totwoo’s Love Code: Bluetooth-paired users can share virtual emotions in real time by linking their devices through the Totwoo App.

Love Bloom launches on July 14 at an event sponsored by BAZAAR Jewelry, the leading media platform for the industry. Among the great and the good in attendance is Han Xue, one of China’s film and TV superstars, and a science and tech fan keenly attuned to the Totwoo brand. She’ll be a special guest at the Dreamland Art Center in Beijing’s fabulous Four Season’s Hotel, where 400 peacock butterflies—traditional Chinese symbols of love and dreams—grace the atrium. Let the love bloom!