‘Shahaan-e-Khaas’ by Rohit Bal

Inaugurating India Couture Week 2017 was master couturier Rohit Bal who is known for his lavish detailed embroideries and opulent ensembles. Giving a larger than life perspective to the newly restored Bikaner House in New Delhi, Rohit Bal’s showcase was one of a kind.

Boldly bedazzled with Crystals from Swarovski, Bal’s creations gave reminiscent feelings about treasures that one finds in museums worldwide, aptly naming his collection Shahaan-e-Khaas. Reviving heritage pieces from the costume collections of royal Mughals, the collection is an ode to lost craft and traditions. The collection highlighted an amalgamation of traditional craft with modern sensibilities preserving timeless beauty.

Shahaan-e-Khaas takes one on “a journey from the past to the present with a gentle nudge of contemporary influences”, says Rohit Bal.

Each design that is encrusted with Crystals from Swarovski comes with an Ingredient Branding tag, carrying an exclusive 16-digit alphanumeric code, which acts as a sophisticated tracking system to monitor the quality of the crystals. One can verify the authenticity of the crystals by logging on www.crystalsfromSwarovski.com and verifying the 16 digit unique code