Lagerfeld desings Swarovski tiara for Vienna Opera Ball 2017

Swarosvki, lagerfeldYear after year, the Vienna State Opera is transformed into the world’s most celebrated ballroom and one of the most important social events in Europe for the famous Vienna Opera Ball.

For over half a century, Swarovski has ensured that the young debutantes at the Vienna Opera Ball are adorned with sparkling and elegant diadems that give them a fairytale-like appearance at their social debut.

In this edition, which takes place on February 23, fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld designed the piece with a mix of classic and modern influences, meticulously crafted from a mix of 394 Swarovski crystals in clear and sapphire hues, and finished with five Swarovski crystal pearls.

The design -and particularly the soft curves of the blue stones- is inspired by the famous Blue Danube waltz, the traditional Opera Ball opening dance which was composed by Johann Strauss II and will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2017.

The result is an elegant and timeless piece, with a distinctive essence that is uniquely Karl Lagerfeld.

“This tiara is my vision of the coronation of the Danube,” said Karl Lagerfeld of the bedazzled headpiece. The sapphire ribbon embodies Le beau Danube bleu.

Swarovski Tiara Sketch (c) Karl LagerfeldxSwarovski-Tiara-With-Debutant-(c)-Thomas-Schrott_Swarovski