Manish Arora’s Festival of Color

His Spring/Summer 2019 Collection Scorched the Paris Fashion Week Runway. Who? Manish Arora, of course!Manish Arora’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, packed a vivid color punch at Paris Fashion Week. Thanks to a vibrant burst of Swarovski Neon Pearls and ultra-radiant Crystal Shimmer effects, his customary joyful palette went from powdery pastels through pulsating fluoros with shimmering jewel-brights in between. Fun? We had plenty of it!

You’d be spot on if you recognized the influence of hi-vis sportswear in Manish Arora’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection at Paris Fashion Week. A special collaboration with Paris Saint-Germain football club saw him pick out its name in scintillating Shimmer effect Swarovski crystals. Then there was the intricate Zardozi (embroidery with gold and silver thread) on oversize sportswear in hot-pink-foiled nylon and lime-green Aertex®. And let’s not forget the sky-high stiletto “football boots” in electric neon PVC and Aertex®!

What we got was the full-on Holi Festival of Color-meets-Day-Glo 80s glamour! Faces daubed with neon paint; bleach-wash denim flaunting arabesque embroideries of hearts, flowers and Shimmer effect Swarovski crystals; Michael Jackson-like jackets lavished with sparkle and tucked into ruffled satin skirts split to the thigh; oversize bows competing with sequined net and ruched mini-skirts; and leg-o’-mutton sleeves amplifying sweeping gowns.

Our two standout looks were a high-voltage bodice armored with eye-bending lines of Swarovski Neon beads and 3D-leopard head shoulder pads, which roared down the runway. Add to that a kitsch-tastic cake dress iced with laser-cut latticework, sugary hearts, candy-colored crystals, Crystal Pearls, and Heart Beads in a sweetest shade of Rose. Delicious!