Mighty Aphrodite

Dive into the deep with On Aura Tout Vu’s couture collection

The audience for On Aura Tout Vu’s Spring/Summer 2017 runway was plunged into an aquatic realm of glistening otherworldly beauty at Paris Haute Couture on January 25. Livia Stoianova and Yassen Samouilov’s label is known for its offbeat glamour. This season, they elevated its brilliance to a lavish majesty, naming its collection Otohimeafter a sea princess from Japanese mythology. Traditionally, she is depicted in Japanese animated film wearing clothes trimmed with gleaming carp scales.

This collection also featured opulent embellishments inspired by London’s traditional Pearly Kings and Queens, who pattern their clothes with thousands of lustrous mother-of-pearl buttons.

on aura tout vuAs each divine being shimmered along the runway in a cascade of iridescence, we were treated to a luxurious Japanese silks from the ancient Tango Province (known today as northern Kyoto). They showcased intricate beading and a decorative mother-of-pearl and crystal carapace reminiscent of finely wrought marquetry and parquetry. Fish scales, seashells, and ancient Samurai armor were also referenced.

Aphrodite (the Ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty said to have arisen from sea foam) could be seen in flowing, classically draped lines and white marble-like silhouettes sculpted into hyper-feminine curves. However, there was also strength in the oversize collars and shoulders that reinforced the warrior-like detailing. A notable feature, which is becoming increasingly common on the catwalk, was the crystallized facial jewelry. Here, it was worn like a Samurai’s Hanpō chin armor.

We also enjoyed the witty tableau vivant on the runway stage: Botticelli’s iconic Birth of Venus painting was styled as a well-muscled young man posing inside a giant amethyst-colored oyster shell! Look out for On Aura Tout Vu on this year’s red carpets—this is seriously A-list glamour.


Courtesy of On Aura Tout Vu