Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018

Maybe it’s the desire to dial up the dazzle during the darkest months. Or perhaps super-stylish Milan simply cannot help switching up the glamour. Whatever the reason, Camera Nazionale della Moda, the organization behind Milan Fashion Week, welcomed the world’s fashion cognoscenti to runways drenched in crystals. From iconic fashion houses to next generation names, the sparkle was all over the Fall/Winter 2018 collections. We report on three exciting collections that show sparkle at its best.

Known for her love affair with all things sparkly, Genny’s Sara Cavazza Facchini brought some serious sheen to her interpretation of Charlie Chaplin’s silent movie, The Circus. Sleek tuxes drawn from the Ringmaster’s sharp silhouette came dressed up with crystallized lapels, offering a brilliant contrast for her colorful, clown-inspired ruffled and spotted blouses, harlequin hot-pants, and crystal-striped pantalons. Figure-hugging metallics, meanwhile, were reminiscent of those daring young women from the flying trapeze. This was close as it gets to “the greatest show on earth”!

While diamond patterning could also be found at Laura Biagiotti, the mood was certainly more sober. This is fashion made for wearing, so no showstopper flourishes—just simple, comfortable, sensational style. The focus here was on experimental textures created from the finest fabrics, blending crystals into the textiles to produce shimmering monochrome tartan and argyle effects. To sum up her Fall/Winter look, Biagiotti’s runway was a statement about exceptional quality.

Ruffles show no sign of disappearing from the runways any time soon—indeed, Albino Teodoro’s ruffles had outsized crystals swinging from them. He avoided the dangerously decorative by offsetting the shiny gold tones, sparkles and frills with asymmetry, masculine tailoring, turtlenecks, and urban silhouettes such as bomber jackets and quilted shirts. The result was a relaxed, contemporary take on 60s couture. Very sophisticated, very chic.