Sparkle It!

UGG’s Swarovski Crystal Customization Program Launches in Stores and OnlineThe world’s go-to comfy boots are getting a dazzling crystal makeover. Again. After the success of UGG’s first Swarovski collaboration in 2010, the brand is now launching a personalized “Sparkle It!” program in stores around the world. This is a brilliant opportunity to add Swarovski sparkle to boots, shoes, slippers, even bathrobes, to enhance your personal style.

With several dazzling motif categories, covering Shapes & Signs, Flora and Fauna, Food & Drink, City Motifs, and even Emojis there’s plenty to play with: From edgy skulls and thunderbolts to girly butterflies and bows. Brides and bridegrooms are invited to the sparkle party too, with a range of motifs created especially to make their big day shine even brighter. Want some coordinating Mr. and Mrs. slippers and bathrobes for the honeymoon? We do!

Find out where your nearest in-store “Sparkle It!” program is on the UGG website. At the store they’ll help you personalize your favorite UGG product with your chosen Swarovski Transfer Hotfix motifs Additionally, Swarovski’s sparkling Self-Adhesive patches can be purchased both in-store and online, offering the chance to test out your DIY creativity Get sparkling!