Tasty, Tempting Turkish Delights

It’s a smart concept: a fashion store that features not only top design talent, but top local design talent. In an age of globalization, it’s good to see designers investing in their own community, with amazing results.

Istanbul’s fashion mavens know to head to the multi-brand Gizia GATE store to find Turkey’s on-trend names: Arzu Kaprol, Ezra Tuba, Hakaan Yıldırım, Raisa Vanessa, Zeynep Tosun, as well as the store’s own label, “GIZIA Exclusive for GATE.” However, during the festive season there’s even more reason to enter its style sanctury, because from December 15 until the end of January 2018, its Nisantasi shop will showcase the Sparkling Christmas Looks with Swarovski Crystals collection. Every one of the designerswe’ve mentioned has created three crystallized looks to celebrate the holidays. There’s something gorgeous to pep up everybody’s party wardrobe. Think elegant, champagne-colored gowns that fizz with thousands of crystals from Hakaan Yıldırım; a shimmering, beaded, white column dress topped with a remarkable icicle-spiked headress from Raisa Vanessa; and glitzy high-glam mini-dresses by Arzu Kaprol.

The collection launched with a spectacular party powered by Vogue Turkey and crystalline décor from Swarovski, at which the fashion glitterati were treated to cocktails served by top-hatted waiters from trays bearing miniature gilded carousels. Indeed, guests were surrounded by all the fun of the circus: playful nods to dazzling showmanship came courtesy of a popcorn concession; golden monkeys swinging through the stands; there was a mannequin leading a golden horse, and another holding the leash of a glittering black panther. There were giant models, too, whose scarlet gowns had a fifteen-foot drop to the floor thanks to invisible platforms. Wonderful. So get along to Gizia GATE for ready-to-wear shopping and custom orders before the curtain closes. Right now, those letters in lights say it all: “It’s show time!”