Varsity All Star Fashion Takes Inspiration to New Heights

The sparkling spirit at the NCA (National Cheerleader Association) All-Star Nationals was brighter than ever this year, thanks to Varsity All Star Fashion and crystals from Swarovski. 

The first annual Battle in the Arena, the most selective All Star tumbling competition of its kind, kicked off the epic weekend of festivities. The popular US sports apparel brand, VASF put together a Design Booth in the Coaches Lounge to show off how much can be achieved on the mat with a little crystallized know-how and trend intelligence. Swarovski crystals has been lending its expertise to the cheerleading industry for years; it understands exactly how to use light to enhance every precision movement—Varsity showcased the partnership and dialed up the dazzle for the NCA crowd. 

If you walked by the VASF Design Booth, you saw their Fashionistas modeling new looks from their latest design book as well as four unique showpieces displayed on mannequins. Each showpiece was designed around the four trend themes that shaped Swarovski’s Fall/Winter 2018/19 Collection; a free-spirited funky Funtasia design, which played with bright colors and a bold eye motif; a knockout Nostalgia look with a high-glam Seventies vibe; a glam-punk Urbania outfit that sparkled with crystal-studded strap detailing; and an opulent Elegantia design that recalled the shimmering decadence of the Twenties. These showpieces were created for Varsity’s Design Challenge. A challenge in which Varsity invited their designers to create custom looks based off Swarovski’s trend intelligence. The goal was to translate Swarovski’s mega-trends into inspirational designs suited for cheerleading. 

Meanwhile, during the awards ceremony at Battle in the Arena, Fashionistas modeled a black-and-white crystallized Varsity uniform while presenting crystal-blitzed Varsity sneakers to the winners.

Battle in the Arena was held in conjunction with the NCA All-Star Nationals in Dallas, Texas, February 23–25, 2018.