World Jewelry Facets in Shanghai

The word “brilliance” calls to mind razor-sharp intellect, cunning wit—and sometimes, beauty like no other. The word has many facets, just like crystals. On June 27, Shanghai will discover a whole new meaning when Brilliance Redefined is opened with a gala event marking this year’s World Jewelry Facets exhibition at the Shanghai Film Plaza Sound Stage. It’s a space dedicated to showcasing Shanghai’s thrilling cinema heritage—a perfect backdrop for an exhibition that offers its own brand of drama, dazzle and passion.

This is the eighth year that World Jewelry Facets will wow Shanghai. It’s a tribute to Swarovski’s creative partners, who represent an incredible history of collaborating with the best of the best, whether already famous or just emerging onto our radar screens. They come together from a variety of artistic backgrounds to show off astonishing feats of creative genius on this specially curated platform. Each is a tour de force made of crystals from Swarovski, ranging from staggering one-off showpieces to out-of-this-world contemporary examples, side by side with sleekly classic collections. We’re talking bespoke, bejeweled, embroidered, mixed-materials, sculptural, phantasmagorical, futuristic—each utterly jaw dropping.

Contributors come from all corners of the planet, from Germany and Greece to Italy and India, and other nations in between. One industry “big beast” is Karl Lagerfeld, who will display a collection of fashion jewelry that is simply pure, unmistakable Lagerfeld. Local brands include Alexandre Zouari, AOC, AUPRES, Bull, Bulova, Changhong, CINA, Davena, EDOR DEEP, Eral, GDU, Italina, Kelly Yeung, Kymco, Mendale, Neoglory, NINASUN, Olanies, ONLY, PRSR, Riotlily, Riserva, SAB, SAGA, Starbucks, WANG PEIYI, Wuliangye, Xuping Jewelry, Yadea, and VEECANS.. New designs from the Fall/Winter 2017/18 Swarovski and Atelier Swarovski collections will also be on show. 

An unmissable highlight is the work of two young Romanian creatives: textile designer Lana Dumitru and architect Vlad Tenu. Captured for the first time on film, their extraordinary one-off piece—a surreal, crystal-embossed dress of fluoro vibrancy and sculptural modularity—straddles the line between science fiction and digital technology, art installation and fashion design. It’s a remarkable garment, and the unforgettable star of a film that is a stunning celebration of their craft. 

And when it’s time to give your eyes a break from the brilliance, Japanese sound artist Yuri Suzuki’s sound installation, Sharevari, explores the use of crystal as an acoustic material. First presented at Design Miami/Basel last year, it’s a mechanical, interactive crystallophone—a musical instrument that uses Swarovski crystals to create beautiful, pure sound. Stop by and release your inner musician by creating soothing harmonies of your own.