New York based fashion jewellery label Lionette by Noa Sade represents an empowered and passionate woman, who is not afraid to express herself. With pieces worn by JLo, Rachel Bilson and Rihanna these designs are glamorous and versatile.

One of the defining characteristics of Lionette Jewellery is their ability to embrace a partnership of colour, metal and design. It seems as if each is perfectly balanced with the other. This offers a visual symmetry that exists in very few modern pieces.

Lionette makes particular use of greens, turquoise blues and yellows. A stunning example of this synergy can be seen in their Tahiti and Annie earring designs. One of the most original approaches that Lionette has taken is to add glowing stones into many of their collections. This will add a further allure during the evening hours while displaying a rich saturation of green for daily wear.