A Masterclass In Elevating Fashion, Jewelry And Accessories With Swarovski Crystals

Two brands highlight the many ways crystals can turn jewelry and accessories into something truly sublime.

Why create standard designs, if you can make them brilliant? This is the common thread that runs between jewelry label Cristallonero, and fashion and accessories brand Ms.Bag&Mr.Shoe. Be it elevating a pair of otherwise classic heels, or designing a jewelry collection that shines beyond comparison, these two brands have worked with Swarovski crystals in the most sophisticated way.

Ms.Bag.&Mr.Shoe - Freya evening shoe - enhanced with 316 Swarovski crystalsEstablished in 2018, Ms.Bag&Mr.Shoe is known for its modern approach to luxury accessories. Case in point: the Freya evening shoe, which has been beautifully enhanced with 316 Swarovski crystals to create a centerpiece that symbolizes the goddess of beauty in Norse mythology. Using Xirius and Xilion Chatons, as well as Oval Fancy Stones – each crystal shines bright against tactile velvet.

Cristallonero - Golden Abyss brooch - Made with Crystals from SwarovskiItalian jewelry brand Cristallonero proves that accessories are more than just decoration but something to treasure. This is conveyed in their collection, which features the handcrafted Black Bullet necklace, earrings and headpiece, as well as a statement ring and the Golden Abyss brooch, all of which are embellished with elegant Swarovski crystals.