A Surreal Romance by Gaurav Gupta

Confluence, a jewelry collective, that features designs by leading fashion luminaries now introduces jewelry from India’s Avant-garde brand ‘Gaurav Gupta’. He is known to bring together elements of a fantasy land such as that of ‘Game of Thrones’ into couture and his bold collection for Confluence leaves one awe-struck as he takes inspiration from the Art Nouveau period.

Art Nouveau translating to new art was an art form that developed in the 1890’s, was inspired keeping nature to its core. It focused on the curved lines we see in nature such as those of birds and flowers.

Following the brand’s primitive philosophy of freedom and innovation, Gaurav Gupta has created bejewelled brilliance with the help of crystals from Swarovski. The designer’s collection for Confluence echoes, recreated  jewelry reminiscent of a bygone era. He embarks on this ornate journey with this contemporary range for the strong and independent woman.

The designs featuring a Baroque style, inspired by forests and birds, peacocks being the muse, are encrusted with the ‘Indigo Light’ crystal from Swarovski – making the jewelry surreal. Each piece is a classic along with being minimalistic yet aristocratic. These exquisite pieces are best defined as heritage jewelry at an affordable price.

Each piece is earmarked with an Ingredient Branding tag that carries a unique 16-digit alphanumeric code, which can be used to authenticate the use of genuine Swarovski crystals online. Shop Gaurav Gupta’s collection now at www.perniaspopupshop.com

Ask for the tag to identify genuine Swarovski crystals.