A Thirst For Knowledge

New on Netflix: Waterschool, The Movie

As one of many businesses dependent on energy for its manufacturing output, Swarovski is profoundly aware of the water crisis faced by our planet. We learned this lesson early on thanks to our visionary founder Daniel Swarovski, who in 1895, moved his crystal business to the Austrian Alps, where glacier melt and waterfalls could be converted to hydroelectric power.

In appreciation of this natural abundance, the company took a big step toward preserving this most precious resource by establishing Swarovski Waterschool in 2000. Now, a group of passionate and talented people has come together to put this on record. Seven graduate filmmaking students from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television (TFT), under the leadership of Dean Teri Schwartz, have made Waterschool, a documentary exploring the educational power of this global program. Mentored by twice-Oscar-nominated film director Lucy Walker, with a score written by Emmy Award-winning composer Alex Wurman, the film shines a light on the inspiring stories of six girls who live alongside the world’s major rivers. Their lives have been transformed by Waterschool, which teaches communities how to protect their fragile water supplies. Inspiring and poignant, the film shares a collective hope for our future in which conserving the world’s most valuable resource and keeping it free of pollutants such as microplastics and chemicals, is simply part of everyday life.

So far, 10,000 teachers in 2,400 schools have been trained via this worldwide community investment platform to deliver a water conservation and education program to half a million students on seven of our great rivers: the Mississippi (USA); Amazon (Brazil); Danube (Austria); Nile (Uganda); Ganges (India); Yangtze (China); and Chao Phraya (Thailand).

The importance of water to a planet under pressure from population expansion and environmental degradation cannot be understated. Unlike the energy from oil, where there are natural alternatives in wind, solar and nuclear, when it comes to agriculture, sanitation and survival, there is no alternative to water. Yet even in the 21st century, 660 million people have no access to clean water, and of those, one in three lack the most basic of hygiene requirements: a latrine or a toilet. 

Waterschool, the film, aims to bring these harrowing facts to global attention, and on July 25, its Netflix premiere in 190 countries will yield an audience of this magnitude.For all who feel compassion and responsibility toward Mother Earth, this is compulsory viewing that will leave you with hope in your heart. After all, we each have it within us to be ambassadors for water conservation. 

Find out more about Swarovski Waterschool at www.swarovskiwaterschool.com