A trip to the Diva art sacred place

art with swarovski crystalsDiva Art’s studio is located in the heart of Barcelona, in the lively artistic hub that surrounds the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA). The artist receives her VIP clients in the intimacy of her home, which she has transformed to serve the dual purpose of art gallery and creative space.

She loves to share her passion for art and the light effects created by Swarovski crystals, as can be seen in her artworks, with guests in her home. “My studio is a sacred space where I can connect with my creative energy and my inner world. People who are interested in my art should really discover my home in order to understand me and my work in greater depth”.

In order to create something unique and highly personalized, Valérie likes to really get to know the personality of clients who commission artwork from her. She creates exclusive portraits in which she attempts to capture the very essence of her subjects.

In Valérie’s portrait of the artist Sara Pi, fascinated by her sensibility, we can see a special tribute to the singer’s feminine emotions. In this piece, Valérie represents Pi, her sensitive nature and beautiful voice, transformed and situated in a surreal universe inhabited by exotic plants and flowers. “Within us, we have a huge ocean full of quiet undulations, beautiful sunrises and raging storms. We are alive because we are sentient beings. Tears are like precious jewels that connect us with ourselves”.

Valérie uses Moonlight and Black Diamond colours of the Swarovski Flat Backs range to give light to this emotional artwork and create some crystals tears which symbolise the deep and multifaceted beauty of feelings. Playing with the different sizes and colours, without rules and following her inspiration, she applies the crystals and creates mysterious landscapes full of sparkles.

I don’t like to use the Swarovski crystals merely to adorn: I employ them in order to bring my artworks alive and to tell stories.”

Many stories inspired by life are full of magic and light…

art with swarovski crystals

art with swarovski crystals

art with swarovski crystals

Photos: Ivan Grey