Armargentum Launches A Special-Edition Mask With Swarovski Crystals

A new crystallized wardrobe accessory that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

Austrian fashion label Armargentum is renowned for its sustainable approach to style. This season the brand has created a special-edition face mask to match the current zeitgeist – an accessory that offers variety and self-expression, while adding an elegant finishing touch to every look.

Armargentum Special-Edition Mask - Made With Swarovski CrystalsEach mask is handmade and studded with a mix of Xirius Rose Hotfix Flatback Crystals, which can be easily applied to any design – in this case, Armargentum’s skin-friendly and UV-protected fabrics. There is also a supportive hygiene function via a unique insert that releases silver ions to soothe the skin.

The project highlights two brands that thrive on innovation, coming together to create one unique and brilliant face mask for the times.

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