Baroqco Brings Artistry To Jewelry With Its Brilliant New Collection

Dutch brand BAROQCO designs one-of-a-kind jewelry that sparkles – and turns heads.

A firm favourite on the red carpet and Paris Fashion Week, Dutch jewelry brand BAROQCO is internationally renowned for its artistic approach to design. Founded in 2002, it specializes in making crystallized jewelry that’s both sophisticated and statement-making.

BAROQCO jewelry - Made with Crystals from SwarovskiThis new collection is a brilliant example of the brand’s luxurious and couture-worthy aesthetic. From eye-catching earrings to collar-inspired necklaces, expect to be mesmerised by Fancy Stones and Crystal Cupchains, all of which are beautifully set by hand – never glued. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, handmade in Europe and a true example of how Swarovski crystals make the ultimate finishing touch to any evening look.

BAROQCO jewelry - Made with Crystals from SwarovskiDiscover your first BAROQCO, a set of unique eyecatcher earrings enriched with Swarovski crystals, at myfirst.baroqco.com – or the full BAROQCO collection at baroqco.com.