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The Top Lifestyle Influencers’ Favorite Wellness Tracker Gets Crystallized!

What happened when the mathematician met the artist? No, it’s not the start of a joke—the answer is: Bellabeat. Mathemetician Sandro Mur and artist Urška Sršen are the brains behind some seriously stylish “smart” jewelry, as well as a hugely successful women’s wellness community. Having transformed the fitness tracker with the chic Leaf, now there’s a crystal-studded version.

Bellabeat Leaf, wellness and fitness tracker, Made with Crystals from SwarovskiYou may have spotted the Leaf Urban wellness tracker on the likes of Sarah Stage, Kino MacGregor, Diipa Khosla, Gabrielle Epstein or Chiara Ferragni and wondered where they got that gorgeous piece of jewelry. That’s exactly what Bellabeat founders Urška Sršen and Sandro Mur want you to think, because beautifully designed tech that’s optimized for women is what their company is all about.

After graduating from Finland’s Academy of Fine Arts, Slovenian Sršen met Mur while working as a windsurfing instructor in Croatia. It was their mutual passion for sport and travel that drew them together, long before tech became part of the conversation. Before long, they had combined their lifestyle and skills and started working on joint projects, she as the designer, he the developer.

Bellabeat was founded in 2014 and immediately recognized as a top start-up, fundraising via some serious Silicon Valley names. The idea was to create a tech-driven wellness brand for women, and that meant building a strong community as well creating something that women wanted to wear. Success in achieving their aims was confirmed when Sršen was listed on the Forbes “30 Under 30” list in 2016, as well as in the customer feedback you can read on their website:

It’s like a favorite piece of jewelry,” and “This unique tracker isn’t about fitness, it’s about you,” to quote just two of the 11 million members of Bellabeat+, its unique subscription service.

Through providing women with content from across the wellness industry, the service aims to help build healthy habits via a holistic approach. For example, it recognizes that the mind is just as important as the body, offering audio-guided breathing exercises to help you relax. What’s more, when you’re reaching for your goals you can benefit from support from other members.

There are three ways to wear the new Swarovski Leaf Crystal Wellness Tracker: as a pendant, a clip, or on the wrist with the crystallized Slake-style bracelet. As well as tracking activity, sleep, stress and reproductive health through the app, there are no distracting screens or buttons; what’s more, its wood-composite body and hypo-allergenic stainless steel make it lightweight, showerproof and safe. It’s now even easier to sync health with style!