Celestial Angel Romee Strijd has Star Power!

Wearing the Spectacular Swarovski Look, Romee Strijd Illuminates the Celestial Angel Section of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to see a shooting star in the night sky, then you get an idea of how spectacular this year’s Swarovski Look for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will be. Inspired by the heavens, it transforms Angel Romee Strijd into a sparkling burst of starlight, using 125,000 crystals. The effect is simply out of this world.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the traditional paired wings have given way to a striking mono-wing that frames Romee in a seven-pointed silver star. Marian Hose (aka “Killer”) created the star, and she was determined to make it look like it had just fallen from heaven. How? By encrusting it with the most dazzling Swarovski crystals she could find, of course. Her team spent around 250 hours meticulously placing each tiny crystal, and by the time of the weigh-in, the wing had put on a hefty 20 pounds. Now we understand why the Angels train so hard for the show—but it’s worth it. As Marian Hose says: “Once this hits the stage these crystals are going to pop!”

Then there are the 70,000 crystals (weighing in at seven pounds) that bedazzle the bodysuit. “The thing that makes it so phenomenal is that there are so many stones[…] in different shapes,” explains Barak, the man who spent around 150 hours hand-beading it. Here, the idea was that it should resemble a star-strewn night sky, so the bodice features a diagonal neck-to-hip constellation of crystals in a stardust effect, the shapes of the crystals echoing celestial bodies such as glittering stars and luminescent moons.

“I feel like a superhero when I walk in this outfit!” declares a delighted Romee—she looks like one, too. This year is the 16th that Swarovski will have illuminated this most-watched fashion event on the planet, and it’s exciting to see it blaze its way back to its original home in New York City after a three-year tour. Among the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show outfits that will sashay down the runway at Pier 94 at the recording on November 8, there will be 45 that are covered in a total of 850,000 sparkling crystals. Then, at 10pm EST on December 2, the entire extravaganza will be broadcast worldwide on ABCNetwork. The “city that never sleeps” promises a brilliant night for stargazing!