Don Ramón Embellishes Its Tequila Bottles With Swarovski Crystals

Each limited–edition bottle features up to 178 sparkling crystals

Don Ramon Tequila - Made with Swarovski from CrystalsThose who love Don Ramón tequila love it for its smooth, rich flavor with elements of spice, caramel and oak. Aged in small oak barrels, the brand uses 100 percent blue agave grown in Mexico, then matures the liquor for at least four months before bottling.

Now, three of its tequilas have been poured into numbered bottles encrusted with Swarovski crystals, each with a different design to match the flavor profile of the liquid inside. The silver-topped bottle for Tequila Plata includes 28 Xilion Rose Hotfix in Crystal forming the letters ‘DR’, plus another 37 Xilion Rose Hotfix in Crystal Golden Shadow on the bottle itself; the tequila inside is fresh and smooth, with delicate agave and citrus notes, medium intensity, and a herbal character.

The copper-topped bottle for Tequila Extra Añejo features 178 Xilion Rose Hotfix in Light Colorado Topaz in various sizes; the tequila inside has a distinctive aroma of coffee, vanilla and cocoa, as well as tiny fragments of edible gold leaf that accentuate the tequila’s tobacco, mahogany, and amber hue.

Finally, the gold-topped bottle for Tequila Añejo features a total of 113 Xilion Rose Hotfix in Crystal Golden Shadow and contains a high-density amber-hued tequila with tiny, edible gold fragments. This version has citrus and passionfruit notes, with herbal touches of eucalyptus, quince, dates and aromas of cinnamon and cocoa, with a long, creamy aftertaste.

The result of all three bottles? A truly sparkling sip.