Finger-Popping Nail Art

Give your fingertips the ultimate bubble bath with a brand new addition to Swarovski’s famous nail art family. Crystalpixie Bubble will get everyone’s eyes a-popping with its glossy 3D bubbly effect. It’s made from hundreds of uncut crystal balls in three sizes, which, when clustered together, look like the iridescent froth created by your favorite luxury bath products!

Notice that its innovative texture is more sculptural than the stardust-fine Crystalpixie Petite and smoother than the spiky brilliance of Crystalpixie Edge. In fact Bubble is the perfect balance between the sharp glitter of crystal and the soft luster of pearl. It’s available in 5-gram shots of six directional colors, each with its own theme:

Create your Future Fantasy with blasts of neon and iridescent silver. Be a Street Star with a galactic-blue mix of 80s skater chic and festival fashion. Get some City Chic from elegant urban-contemporary shades of silver-gray. Lose yourself in a Midnight Dream, a deep golden expression of flamenco’s flamboyant sensuality. Steal an Urban Kiss, a modern rose-gold twist on the ever-flattering pink. Or take a chance on Feeling Wild, a mix of bohemian gold and indigo in a revival of the American prairie trend. All of them will totally transform the appearance of your chosen base lacquer.

You can even mix it up and invent amazing new looks by combining Bubble with any of the Petite and Edge range. Check out the easy step-by-step instructions in our video to learn how to apply it. Then feel free to go wild and step outside your beauty bubble.