It’s a Woman’s World

Meet environmentalist and explorer Céline Cousteau

March 8, 2016: the first-ever all-women-operated Air India flight makes history in the skies by taking off from New Delhi, bound for San Francisco; and in Melbourne, Australia, the green and red illuminated mini-men symbols at a pedestrian crossing are changed to mini women. In fact, all over the world there’s a distinctly female slant: conferences, speeches, marches, performances, flash mobs—every kind of public expression in support of International Women’s Day (IWD).

This year’s theme is Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality, and in the spirit of IWD, we’re nominating Céline Cousteau as an inspirational icon: she shares Swarovski’s commitment to sustainability and philanthropy—water conservation, in particular—and has dedicated her life to bringing about change. If you know anything about the name ‘Cousteau’, you’ll know that she certainly hasn’t been short of inspiration herself. The daughter of filmmaker Jean-Michel and granddaughter of ocean explorer Jacques, she has made it her mission to continue their environmental work and build awareness of the need to protect our oceans for future generations. 

But highlighting these crucial issues can mean more than pulling on a wetsuit to dive the icy Arctic waters, or risking her life to swim with anacondas in the Amazon. Céline is as adventurously creative as she is creatively adventurous. Earlier this year she teamed up with Swarovski on a designer edition of crystals for Spring/Summer 2017: the Ocean Mysteries collection. Watch this sublime video to discover the usually unseen sub-oceanic organisms vital to the health of the blue planet, then see them brought to brilliant light in four new crystal cuts: ‘Jellyfish Flat Back & Fancy Stone’, ‘Sea Urchin Round Stone’, ‘Snail Pendant’ and ‘Radiolarian Pendant’. One world, one woman, one word: awe-inspiring.