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Swarovski Crystals Highlight Dorsa Leather

When Shahin Fatemi and Amir Kazem Noormohammadi founded Dorsa Leather in 1991, they had ambitions beyond its popular key rings and belts. The scale of this driven duo’s vision is now a matter of fashion industry history in Iran; they created an entire luxury lifestyle brand rooted in the Persian tradition and founded on the intrinsic value of beautifully crafted, premium leather. Today, their portfolio encompasses four top-flight brands: such as Dorsa Leather specializes in pure leather, Taj Dorsa specializes in high-luxe gold and leatherwork pieces. Then in 2016, Dorsa Home—also housing the gourmet Dorsa Café—opened its flagship interiors store in Tehran. You won’t be surprised, therefore, to learn that they don’t intend to stop there. After pioneering its Leather and Luxury lifestyle in the Middle East, Dorsa is now set on bringing that vision to the rest of the world.

As part of the first step on this global journey, a new collection of bags, jewellery and accessories featuring Swarovski crystals as a luxe leather enhancement debuted on March 9: Xont is an opulently embellished collection inspired by the ancient art. Literal meaning of Xont is the art of singing in accent of people who live in the desert area of Iran. Here, a traditional motif—the love and whisper between bird and flower—is depicted in exquisite miniature. Xont takes the tiles’ beautiful design and transfers it to a classic collection, picking out the detail in golden and smoky shades of crystal.

Terme is the name given to a speciality cloth that hails from a region famed for its sumptuous heirloom-quality paisley patterning and its incorporation of gold and silver threads. It’s also the name that Dorsa has given to its exclusive crystallized bag—a high-end design that interprets rich tradition with contemporary flair. The way the metallic thread traces an understated paisley design with sparkling Fancy Stones at the centre amounts to the ideal East-meets-West fusion.

And finally Tarvas is inspired by the Strength of Sahand Mountain in Iran. The collection is classy, simple and elegant that designed for men with leather bags and accessories.

The final piece in this new collection plays with the idea of a “signature style” to create an elegant collection. Lavin uses Dorsa’s interlocked logo as the basis for an intricate repeat pattern reminiscent of ancient Persian designs. Sparklingly clear crystals are incorporated to form a grid across the flap, adding an on-trend geometric brilliance.

In an age when instant fashion has left us wanting something extra, Dorsa has stepped in with its winning mix of authenticity and modernity. To enter one of their stylish stores is to enjoy an environment featuring every possible consideration for the consumer, lifting the shopping experience into the realm of genuine pleasure. Engage with one of their highly trained staff and you can bet that you’ll go away feeling like an A-lister, because customer service is Dorsa’s speciality. Indeed, buy a piece from the interiors range and you can expect a committed after-sales service that includes cleaning, waxing and repair. This is forward thinking, intelligent management—an approach to design and retail that offers innovative elegance and a great experience as standard, not as a luxury, extra. We’re thrilled that the Dorsa brand is expanding beyond its national borders…Our collection just got longer. 

Swarovski Crystals Highlight Dorsa Leather