Light & Shadow

Swarovski Innovations & Inspirations Fall/Winter 2018/19

If you’re wondering what is defining the look of the moment, then Swarovski’s Innovations & Inspirations for Fall/Winter 2018/19 express it in black-and-white terms: it’s the increasing polarization of society, with a trend towards clashing viewpoints. That’s why the latest crystal collection’s guiding theme has been named Light & Shadow, with four very different trends fighting for attention: the extroverted playfulness of Funtasia in contrast to the thoughtfully muted character of Nostalgia; the decadence and sensuality of Elegantia juxtaposed with the survivalist mentality of Urbania.

The Nostalgia trend is exemplified in the season’s standout innovation, the new Designer Edition Crystals by visionary couturier Iris van Herpen. These stunning Pendants—Growing Crystal Rectangle and Growing Crystal Rhombus—emphasize the power of natural creation, as well as the imperfections that lead to great beauty, in their resemblance to the cross-section of a druse (the term for a rock cavity lined with a crust of projecting crystals). In direct contrast, Swarovski’s new 3D Studs (inspired by the Couture Studs that Swarovski created exclusively for van Herpen) find a home in the Urbania trend. Available in three heights, they are
already adding striking, industrial-style relief to accessories made by other leading designers, such as Heaven Tanudiredja.

A show-stopping new color to be added to the Swarovski palette is Scarlet. This ravishing red is notable for being cadmium-free, which means that these red crystals are not only environmentally friendly, they can be made in much larger sizes, too. Try this hue for one of the new Jewel Cut family of crystals—they boast classic gem-like silhouettes with an extravagant vintage beauty that is ideal for on-trend bejeweled brocade styles. Then combine with the luxurious luster of the new Crystal Velvet Brown Pearl for opulent looks that are perfectly suited to the party-girl’s Elegantia trend. Fans of the vibrant Funtasia trend will be thrilled to find out that the Shimmer effect, which so brilliantly lit up Spring/Summer 2018’s innovations, has been extended for Fall/Winter 2018/19. Its special light-refracting properties (inspired by Swarovski’s famous Aurora Borealis effect) will cast multiple shades of a single color for truly spectacular vibrancy.

Whatever trend suits your current mood, whichever of the many crystals from the new assortment you fall in love with, the message is clear: where there is light, there is shade. Whether we are full of joyful creativity and eccentric celebration, or striving for stillness with a somber survival ethos, we must seize the notion that the future is twofold. Welcome to Fall/Winter 2018/19: Light & Shadow.