Sparkle and glamour with L.K.Bennett

Today we are writting about a very special collaboration between Swarovski Crytals and the British luxury high street brand L.K.Bennett, two brands with a mutual appreciation of femininity and artistry.

The result is a collection of bracelets, brooches, earrings and necklaces, offered in warm tones of shades of yellow and rose gold.

With these pieces you will feel the best version of yourself thanks to the sophisticated styling in which they are designed. So, they are timeless with a beautiful understated sense of luxury.

LK Bennett and Swarovski Crystals

LK Bennett and Swarovski CrystalsAnd don’t miss the ‘Florrie’ necklace, adorning an adaptation of the classic L.K.Bennett tudor rose with delicate white pearl and blush crystals set on an elegant ribbon. It’s brilliant!

LK Bennett and Swarovski Crystals