Make a Statement – Hang a Chandelier

Clever lighting solutions not only enhance a room’s size and shape, they also have the power to completely transform the occupant’s mood. Arguably the most romantic kind of illumination, chandeliers’ glamour, drama and exuberance will have this effect on rooms of every kind. Offset the stark utilitarianism of a kitchen, for example, or turn a bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary with a graceful illumination. Pint-sized apartments will look the better for the addition of a chandelier—in fact, interior designers would say especially pint-sized apartments.

Founded by Budapest-based artist/designer duo János Héder and Judit Zoltai, Manooi specializes in luxurious, custom crystal chandeliers. These are designs that produce light in its purest form, refracted via thousands of Swarovski crystals that catch and scatter it prismatically. Striking and contemporary, Manooi designs have a sculptural quality that instantaneously updates any room.

The dreamy, icicle-shaped Fjord chandelier suspended from the ceiling of a foyer is an arresting sight. Like a waterfall of crystal, it is a vertical suspension of show-stopping sparkle, conjuring an atmosphere of sophistication and edgy allure. With a drop of 270cm, its combination of Bordeaux and Lilac crystals and pendants create a dazzling focal point.

The Halo is aptly named for its utterly simple, yet technically complex, crystalline ring that evokes the trick-of-the-light aura we occasionally see encircling the sun or the moon. High-quality LEDs are directed outwards along the curve, like something from another galaxy.

Launched at Euroluce 2017, with its polished copper shade above a semi-circle of Spectra crystals, Origo is the ultimate in pendant lamps. As practical as it’s pleasing, Origo’s versatility lies in its potential to be hung in multiples—such as in a reception or a lobby, for example; but it is equally effective suspended over a staircase or used as a bedside lamp.

Guaranteed to get your attention, Wissh resembles a shooting star zig-zagging across the night sky. A piece of art in its own right, this chandelier demands serious space—so maybe not ideal for tiny apartments, but rather the perfect companion piece for a grand foyer or ballroom.