Manooi: a passion for light

Manooi was founded by two business partners, the artists & designers János Héder & Judit Zoltai, whose beautiful creations are right now lighting up spaces all around the world. Manooi counts on an important list of loyal international customers, many of whom have not only a love of art but also a constant passion for new and powerful aesthetics.

Today we want to introduce you to their new collection, which reflects the duality this brand offers, combining the modern and the traditional; the innovative and the handicraft; & what is most simple, yet most luxurious.   

This is all about four models, assembled with high quality raw materials, such as Swarovski crystal, in such a way that that each and every one of their exclusive items includes thousands of crystal pendants all assembled manually at their own workshop.


Unique in the Manooi product range because of its vertical arrangement, Fjord is a vibrating waterfall of crystal, sparkling and illuminating the staircases and atriums in which it is installed. Used independently, or as part of a group installation, Fjord dazzles the eye of the beholder. The length of the Fjord in the photo is 270 cm. It is made of 75% of Bordeaux and 25% of Lilac Swarovski Elements crystals and pendants that surely dazzle the eye of the beholder.


Halo gets his name from the optical phenomenon that one can sometimes observe in the sky, forming a circle encompassing the Sun or occasionally the Moon. It was designed with the intention to keep an apparent insubstantiality by using a minimum of matter without ever compromising with the quality and the effect rendered. It combines modern, high-quality LED as light source, directed outwards along the lamp curve, and the sparkling beats of the most luxurious crystal brand, Swarovski.

Manooi with sawarovski crystalsOrigo

The new crystal light from Manooi, released in Milan during the Euroluce 2017. This new pendant lamp can be the solution for many spaces due to its infinite arrangements: above a reception desk, staircase, side bed lamp or even in a lobby as a single element or cluster. Made with Swarovski crystals and LED source with a polished copper lampshade. Origos are made with Swarovski Spectra crystals.


The sight of a shooting star captivates the beholder and Wissh symbolising a meteor entering our atmosphere and illuminating a summer night, fascinates in the same way. As a dynamic and magnificent piece of architecture, Wissh needs space to live: it is most typically fitted in hotel lobbies or reception spaces. The Wissh presented in the photo is 280 cm long and decorated with Swarovski beats.