A new dimension in couture lighting

Marking its tenth anniversary this year—appropriately coinciding with UNESCO’s proclaimed Year of Light—Manooi’s founding designers, János Héder and Judit Zoltai, asked each other how best to celebrate. They decided it should be with something that symbolized its success as one of the world’s most desirable lighting manufacturers. The answer was clear.

In the beginning, when he was creating Manooi’s 2005 debut collection, the concept that János Héder had wanted to capture with his first lighting product was that of two galaxies embracing each other. After making and rejecting dozens of designs, he found his perfect shape. He named it ‘Artica’. The Artica chandelier has since become an iconic symbol of the Manooi brand, its distinctive ellipse recognized around the world. 

Swarovski has been Manooi’s conceptual partner from the outset, inspiring the designers with the brilliance of its crystal, so János and Judit then approached Swarovski with the idea of making a bespoke Artica-shaped crystal. János would design the shape and Swarovski’s skilled technicians would create it. The resulting Artica cut would embody the synergy between the two companies—a unique partnership, like two galaxies embracing. What better representation of Manooi’s success? 

The process took two years, and this month the Artica crystal will be launched at Milan’s Salone del Mobile, an unmissable event on the world’s design calendar that runs from April 14–19. You’ll find Artica lighting up the Euroluce pavilions, Salone’s must-see biannual exhibition devoted to excellence in lighting design. 

You’ll also find Manooi’s latest range: Su, an exciting new chandelier in the core collection, designed especially for the event; Burj, inspired by Islamic art and created for vast palace interiors, and an exciting new departure for Manooi; plus a stunning new Deep Sky—this version brings a new dimension to the original through the use of semi-transparent Corian®. 

The Artica crystal decorates each of these pieces, and will be incorporated into every future Manooi piece, to provide proof of authenticity. As a tribute to enduring partnerships and to a brilliant artistic vision, it’s the ideal embodiment of the philosophical foundations of the brand. If Artica isn’t part of it, it’s not a true Manooi.