Marilyn Monroe Inspires New White2nite Natural Teeth Whitening & Oral Care Line

The new line from Oral Fitness Inc. by Dale Audrey R.D.H. features a Swarovski crystal-embellished pen and other products

Marilyn Monroe was a Hollywood star known for her incredible glamour—but also as a beauty icon with a showstopping smile. Her mantra, ‘a smile is the best makeup a girl could wear’, makes her the perfect fit as the face of WHITE2NITE, a new line of natural teeth whitening and oral care products by Oral Fitness Inc. by renowned natural oral care champion Dale Audrey R.D.H.

The WHITE2NITE line includes the signature WHITE2NITE Natural Teeth Whitening Pen and a number of other limited-edition products, all designed to be used at home. Available exclusively online in early April, the collection’s packaging features Swarovski crystal embellishment. The only question that remains: which will sparkle more, the crystallized packaging or your pearly white teeth?