Next-Level Nails

Responsible for some of the most Instagram-able nails out there, Eichi Matsunaga is considered a genuine artist. He’s famed for his mini modernist masterpieces, where the only thing that’s over-the-top is the talent. Tokyo-bred and now NYC-based, his is the kind of fine detailing and precision you’d expect from Japan, the home of bonsai and netsuke (tiny sculptures), where they’ve turned miniaturization into an art form. Artistes such as Lorde, Lily Allen and Nikki Minaj are fans, and top-flight beauty editorials everywhere are profiling his signature minimalist cutouts and graceful nail designs.

Some of Matsunaga’s latest artworks were created especially for Swarovski’s Wanderlust SS19 Nail Inspirations. For its Adventure theme he introduced a statement geometric look, adorning the hands with lines, squares, rectangles and hexagons of crystals. He also makes brilliant use of the intensely pure new color, Majestic Blue, teaming it with classic Jet Hematite.

Alternatively, the Culture theme features on-trend pastels, plus the luscious new Crystal Buttercup Shiny Lacquer Pro, in delicate hand decorations. While Freedomdials it up with jewel-bright bands topped off by Crystal Lilac, as well as finely balanced discs highlighted with Crystal Lime—again, in Shiny LacquerPRO Effects.

You’ll also notice Crystal Lilac adding a fresh brilliance to the elegant, ocean-inspired Leisure manicures, along with a subtle rectangular arrangement of the aforementioned Majestic Blue color. Clearly two of your go-to summer holiday colors.