Picture Perfect

Swarovski Crystal Creation Nikon Model I

We all love the convenience of using our smartphones to capture spontaneous moments, but you can’t beat a dedicated camera for creating lasting images. We seem driven to memorialize our lives due to a need to create history. So it seems fitting that Nikon, a pioneer in the world of photography, has frozen the “first word in Nikon’s story” in time in order to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary this year. And what was the “first word” in the story? It was the iconic Nikon Model I camera. Swarovski has now crystallized this famous starting point in Nikon’s story with a dazzling ornamental replica: the limited edition Crystal Creation Nikon Model I.

Nikon was a pioneer of optical technologies when it first began in Japan in 1917, before it moved into manufacturing cameras with the launch in 1948 of Model I. This was the gadget that introduced the incredible power of NIKKOR optics to a generation of photographers. Since then it has built a world-leading reputation for its precision-imaging products. To mark such an illustrious history, collaboration with Swarovski was a natural fit—the world’s premier crystal manufacturer has a similarly long, proud heritage of innovation and expertise in precision engineering.

Swarovski has used its groundbreaking technology to recreate the legendary Model I in precision-cut crystal at almost full scale. Naturally, as an exquisitely crafted collector’s item it features the finest details of the original camera: from the engraved Nikon logo, lens lettering and original company mark to a special “dark” crystal treatment that represents the leather-look casing. Watch out for the limited-edition serial number engraved on every Crystal Creation Nikon Model I as proof of its exclusivity. A must for every discerning collector and photography enthusiast, be sure to order before August 31 if you’d like to snap up your own sparkling piece of picture history.

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