Quench Your Thirst the S’Well Way

S’well water bottles

Can “greenness” be beautiful? Can it steal the show? S’well thinks so, and we think so, too. You probably already know the S’well bottle—you’ll see it tucked inside the season’s hottest bag, or clutched by a Fashion Week It-girl as she hurries to the next show. It’s fittingly slim and sleek, all elegant lines and bold solids or swirls of color, but what you might not get is the genius behind it—how one woman tapped into the next global obsession and engineered a perfect solution. Enter founder Sarah Kauss, the fearless entrepreneur who dreamed up the brand.

Kauss decided that the humble—and environmentally unconscionable—plastic water bottle badly needed a makeover, and a re-useable one, at that. She is quoted as saying that, in common with a lot of women, she was “paying a lot for a handbag and pulling out something that looked like a hiking accessory.” Who wants to look more like a backpacker than a girl about town?

She soon fixed that: S’well bottles are coveted for both form and function. They’re fun, neatly packaged with colors to match your outfit and mood. Their rounded edges and sleek design can even do double duty—insulated walls keep beverages ice-cold for up to 24 hours, or piping hot for 12.

Now, Swarovski has given head-turning dazzle to two limited-edition lines, taking S’well bottles from sideshow to centerpiece. The Radiance bottle glistens with subtle elegance, its cap elevated by Swarovski crystals into a thing of covetable beauty. Meanwhile, the Brilliance bottle takes it to a whole other level: handcrafted with over 6,000 Swarovski crystals that cover every inch of its sleek form, these visionary bottles are made to order in blue, black or silver hues.

Swarovski’s S’well collection also does major good: 20 percent of the net profits from Radiance bottles and 100% of the net profits from Brilliance bottles go to Swarovski Waterschool, which invests in local communities to teach water conservation. Next time you want to quench your thirst, do it the caring way—and dazzle while you do it.