Rita In Palma Combines Crochet With Crystals To Create Stunning Jewelry

Designer Ann–Kathrin Carstensen brings brilliance to otherwise delicate accessories with Swarovski crystal beads

Rita in Palma collar necklace - Made with Crystals from SwarovskiDesigner Ann–Kathrin Carstensen, founder of the Berlin–based fashion brand Rita in Palma, knows the transformative power of a collar necklace. Since 2012, she has designed hand-crocheted jewelry and accessories—including many collar styles—which can elevate an outfit from average to extraordinary.

Rita in Palma collar necklace - Made with Crystals from SwarovskiThis season, Carstensen has elevated her designs even further, adding 900 Swarovski 3mm crystal beads in Jet to these collars, which are hand crocheted from fine nylon yarn and feature thousands of tiny knots. Named ‘Romy’, after the German-French actress Romy Schneider, it’s a cool yet elegant, delicate piece. Its complex, filigree–structured surface is given the ultimate finish thanks to the iridescent radiance of Swarovski crystals.