Sparkling Faces: The New Jewels

Luxury looks going straight to our heads

Runway models typically accessorize their faces with makeup and serious pouts, but this year, facial jewelry was all the rage at the Spring/Summer 2016 shows. At Givenchy’s New York Fashion Week show, makeup artist Pat McGrath spent hours applying elaborately luxurious face masks directly onto the models’ faces. They were a work of art unto themselves—a mix of Swarovski crystals, spray work, professional adhesive, gold, pearl and white beading, layers of jewels, and even bits of lace taken from the runway dresses.

Other brands explored the trend in a more subtle way. At Dion Lee, each model sported a custom face piece made by Sarah & Sebastian. The silver wires ran right down the center of the models’ faces, outlining their profiles. The look was eye-catching, but the wires are kept in place by clenching the face muscles, so we don’t recommend sporting this look unless you don’t need to open your mouth all day! 

Designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Rodarte topped the crystal trend with lavish headwear. D&G’s models wore colorfully embellished headpieces decorated with fruit. At Rodarte, metallic floral barrettes complemented models’ locks for a romantic-meets-rock star look. And Lanvin’s long sparkling crystal earrings exuded an elegance that was perfect for eveningwear.