The $10,000 Hairdo!

What this rose-gold, crystal-blitzed baby costs will blow your mind, not just your hair. You really want to know? OK then: $10,000. Yup—you read that right.

Now you’ve picked yourself up off the floor, we’ll give you the good news. You may have to empty your bank account (and those of your family) to buy this hair tool from blowout concierge service Prête, but there are hidden benefits that make it really worthwhile. Not only do 100% of the sale’s proceeds go to The Humane Society animal protection organization, you live in a Prête city you’ll also get free blowouts for a whole year. Do the math and you’ll find that this dazzling dryer ends up paying for itself. And you’ll own something that is out-there gorgeous.

Still thinking about it? The temptation is in the detail: Kellie DeFries of CrystalNinja fame is the talent responsible for the one-by-one hand-application of all those Swarovski crystals—4,716 to be precise. To create the sprinkle-fill effect (the secret of high-octane shine), she used a range of sizes: SS20, SS16, SS12, SS9 and SS7 down to teeny-tiny SS5. Finally, after hours of painstaking work, she added a trim-line of Light Peach as a sleek accent to the hairdryer’s silhouette. Go on—you’ll be blown away!


Photography And Video By Morgan Foitle Photography