The artist Hila Lazovski pays tribute to David Bowie with a spectacular artwork made of Swarovski Crystals

For more than four months, Israeli artist Hila Lazovski has hand-applyed 58,300 Swarovski crystals one by one – each no bigger than 1.7 mm- in 53 different colors. The result of this meticulous work is a spectacular crystallized portrait of the multi-faceted icon David Bowie.

With this special work, the Israeli artist want to pay tribute to one of her main artistic influences on the first anniversary of her death. To do this, Lazovski has chosen one of the most representative images of Bowie: the red and blue ray that crosses his right eye, taken by Brian Duffy during the photographic session for the album cover Aladdin Sane, which has become an icon of pop culture.
Lazovski is able to show in her work the ambiguity and enigma of Bowie’s expression – even his characteristic eyes of a different tone-, transporting us to the world of colors, excesses and glitter of glam style.

This is Hila’s biggest piece to date with this unique technique based on the use of Swarovski crystals. The origin was a visit in the Swarovski museum in Austria.

There Lazovski found what she was looking for: that her works were not only paintings, but could be felt and touched.

From then on, he began to develop this methodology -a process that took two years-. Her debut piece was a picture of a mother tiger embracing her cub, It comprises 40,300 Swarovski crystals in 40 different colors.

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